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Looking for an appraiser who offers more? Know that, Nancy S. Willcox, Certified Appraiser LLC offers personal property consultations and can advise you on selling or purchasing valuable items.


With Nancy Willcox, you’ll have an appraiser, with depth of experience in both retail and secondary markets, to guide your decisions about your personal property.

Consultations when property is being divided and sorted

If you’re in the midst of down-sizing, planning a charitable donation for tax purposes, or dividing a variety of items for distribution following divorce or a death, Nancy Willcox can provide guidelines to assist your sorting.  She can identify collectible pieces that may be overlooked as well as pieces whose values recently have changed.  She can recommend the most advantageous locations and individuals for sale or donation to maximize your returns.

Sales and purchase advisories

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Curriculum Vitae

Academic Background:

  • Bachelor of Science Degree - Chatham University, Pittsburgh, PA

  • Master of Arts Degree - Yale University, New Haven, CT


Post Graduate Studies:

  • Certificate in Interior Design - New York School of Interior Design

  • Certificate in Appraisal Studies, Fine Art and Antiques - New York University, NY


Certificate: USPAP

  • Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), compliant through January 2020


Continuing Education:

  • Winterthur Museum Winter Institute Certificate on American Antiques

  • New York University

  • Gemological Institute of America

  • Appraisers Association of America



  • Appraisers Association of America

  • Certified Appraiser AAA, Appraisers Association of America


Professional Experience:

  • Certified Appraiser for estates, insurance, donations, I.R.S. reports, and collection inventories

  • Over 20 years of appraisal practice

  • Antiques and art dealer for over 40 years

  • Published writer, columnist,  and freelance writer on antiques and collectibles


Personal Experience:

For the last 15 years, Nancy Willcox has lived part-time in Normandy, France where she has studied European museum collections, attended International Art Exhibitions, and become acquainted with antique and art dealers of Western Europe.  Her awareness of changing global markets is broadened by first hand conversations and observations.


With her specialized education and qualifications, Nancy Willcox offers in-depth knowledge and experience working with antiques and furnishings that is sure to benefit you.  To schedule an appointment, email

Certified appraiser consultations and advisory services

Looking at several items and need expert help in choosing which to purchase? As a certified appraiser, Ms. Willcox can advise you on the better piece to buy. .  If you’re looking to sell items of high value, she can guide you to find the best marketplaces, trusted dealers, auctioneers, and restoration experts prior to selling.

Nancy Willcox, a Certified Appraiser, benefits each client with 40 years of business experience in art, antiques, interior design and historic restoration.  She has academic credentials that qualify her as a generalist with special expertise in American furniture and furnishings, fine and decorative art, silver, glass and ceramics, as well as select European art and furnishings.  Her reputation for scholarship, and integrity will be evident in all requests for service.

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