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When will I need an appraisal?

Who is a certified appraiser?

A certified appraiser has met the highest level of professional performance. This includes extensive and continuing academic studies, examination, and review by a professional organization, such as the Appraisers Association of America.


In addition, the appraiser will meet performance standards as set forth by the Appraisal Foundation and its requirements in the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). Each certified appraiser provides extensive knowledge, academic training, and high ethical standards to perform services of excellence.


If you need an appraiser who is knowledgeable and can be relied upon to meet your valuation needs, choose Nancy Willcox.  Your confidential certified appraisal will be performed with these high standards.  To schedule an appointment, please email Nancy Willcox at

The purpose of an appraisal

Your appraisal report is a written and certified document stating the valuation of designated personal property.  It is an unbiased opinion of value developed and supported by your appraiser.


Each report is specific to a date, circumstance, location, and plan for usage.  Depending on your appraisal requirements, values may be stated as current replacement, fair market, or marketable cash.  Each value has a unique definition and application.  You will discuss and decide with your appraiser which valuation will best fit your intentions.


When choosing Nancy S. Willcox, Certified Appraiser LLC, you’ll receive a certified appraisal document designed to meet your specific requirements for use and future reference.

You may need an appraisal completed for a variety of reasons.  Some include identifying valued possession for insurance coverage, documenting a donation to a non-profit organization, planning for your estate, and fulfilling tax or legal obligations.  Appraisals can be essential for equitable distributions, either with an estate or in a divorce.  With knowledge of current valuations, you can inform your decisions and actions.