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As a certified appraiser, Nancy S. Willcox, Certified Appraiser LLC will perform an appraisal conforming to the member standards of the Appraisers Association of America, and as defined by the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice.


The process is defined by federal regulations and is a confidential service.  Your appraisal begins with a detailed examination of each item, noting past history of ownership, and changes in condition.  Research follows to identify the appropriate marketplace, and comparisons are made with recent sales.  Your items are evaluated based upon these findings.  The appraisal report is prepared to clearly state the purpose of the appraisal and the valuation results.

What to expect with your appraisal

Nancy Willcox will determine the best methodology for research, including reference libraries, experts, and other sources. Current market trends and the best marketplace will be identified. Comparable sales or other appropriate valuation sources will be researched and documented.


Your item is compared to the researched items and a valuation, based on your appraisal intentions, is determined. Finally, your appraisal analysis and report are prepared and published in triplicate. You will receive two certified copies. Our office will retain the third copy on file for 5 years.

Appraisal fee information

Contracts defining the scope of Nancy Willcox’s services are submitted for agreement prior the start of your appraisal.  A retainer to confirm agreement is requested at the time of your initial appointment.  Fees are based upon an hourly rate, plus expense reimbursement for travel and other incidentals related to your assignment.  Interim billing may occur for extended appraisal projects.  Consultation fees also are based upon an hourly rate, plus expense reimbursement.  Consultation charges are due and payable at time of service.  


All payments are due upon completion and delivery of your report.  Your certified appraisal report is deemed valid only upon payment in full.  Special circumstances or project requirements are discussed prior to completion of agreement signing.


Contact Nancy Willcox and put her extensive years of experience and study to advantage with your next appraisal.  To schedule an appointment for appraising or consulting, please email

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